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Read the excerpt from the book "Fabulosity" from one of Meg's former students the beautiful Kimora Lee Simmons here

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While working as a modeling and personal development instructor at John Casablancas in St. Louis, I had the pleasure of teaching a very young Kimora Lee Simmons. She had enrolled in classes to deal with her negative self concept built from years of teasing and peer judgment. Once she saw through that to her true beauty and talent, Kimora went on to become a world famous model, business owner and author. Imagine my delight and gratitude when she so kindly remembered me in her book, "Fabulosity" twenty years later.

"As a rule I don't recommend modeling schools. I believe the majority of them are designed to take girls' money and give them false promises of modeling stardom. But for an eleven-year-old misfit, learning how to walk with a book on my head, how to go to castings, and what to pack in a model bag offered me a chance to finally let my guard down. Instead of being slammed, my giraffe proportions were celebrated.

One of the women who ran the school was a six-foot-tall goddess named Meg, who instantly took stock of my strange mix of features and my huge, crazy hair and told me, "Girl, you've got something special." Her positive words started to replace all of the negative ones I'd heard so far. And for the first time, I understood that it just takes one person to see somthing in you to turn everything around. If you take their praise and plant it, nurture it, and let it grow, one small seed becomes a strong root of self-belief. Meg's words made me let my true personality out and from that minute on, the stupid kids at school didn't have such a hold on me."

...Kimora Lee Simmons